Did You Know That:

​-Approximately 207,350 horses are owned by an estimated 52,368 people in Louisiana.

-The economic impact of horse activities in Louisiana can be from 107.9-127.9 million.

-The LSU Ag Center and the American Horse Council estimate the horse industry has an impact on the state's economy of nearly $2.5 billion per year

-94% of horse people own different pets in addition to a horse or a pony.

-85% of horse people are women.

-Average age of kids involved in the horse industry are 12-17 years old.

Because of our Sponsors,

we were able to provide to:

1.  A  working time clock

2.  Fantastic speaker system/audio 

3.  Small drag for arena (hoping to upgrade soon)

4.  Porta Potty in two locations on the grounds and services to them. 

5.  Ribbons and other prizes donated at each show

6.  freshly painted arena

7.  announcer's booth repaired and looking good

Our goals are to provide:

1.   A tractor for arena dragging, WE DID IT!  Thanks Sponsors! 

2.   An arena drag itself that works behind the tractor, 

3.  Upgrade to the "FarmTek"  brand time clock so we can use the          scoreboard already in place,

4.  Concession wagon,

5.  AWESOME end of year Prizes, 

6.  The ability to provide rosette ribbons and  have money added to       Jackpots for each one of the shows.

7.  Covering for the bleacher areas,

​8.  Monthly Lawn Care and Arena Grounds Maintenance Services